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Yang huchen, party secretary of zhengzhou, visited the new and generous inspection guides

Number of visits: Date:4/30/2017

  On the morning of April 25, Yang huchen, secretary of the party committee of zhengzhou city, led the delegation of the municipal construction committee to visit the new generous industrial park inspection guide. Company chairman zhang zihua, vice chairman of haohappy, new generous bridge engineering co., LTD., general manager li, such as company chief engineer de-li Chen Yang Shuji leaders warmly received a line, and accompanied by inspection.

  Zhang zhihua first reported on the company's management, performance and future development plan. Yang Shuji generous to new achievements in the field of bridge construction and equipment for many years said sure, and the new and easy for all over the world more than 500 key, major engineering provides more than 70 one hundred million yuan worth of equipment said highly praised. He said zhengzhou has been identified as a "national center city" and is in a period of rapid development. With the increasing of urban framework, the original infrastructure has not been able to keep up with the needs of urban development. Rail transit, urban elevated infrastructure is imperative. And, in the new era of bridge construction of bridge must have the innovation idea, the innovation process, innovation of construction equipment to build a bridge to solve, must rely on innovation platform, the innovation of technical teams to implement.

  Then, secretary Yang led the leading team of the construction committee in the meeting room to discuss the "prefabricated section construction work method", which was developed and developed independently in the conference room.

  The construction method will be decomposed into can transport large bridge components of prefabricated modules, combined module precast concrete beam bridge design technology innovation, make the bridge built most of the work by the change of industrial production in the factory, construction site standardization degree is high, can not only significantly improve construction efficiency, shorten the construction period, but also greatly improve the quality and the service life of the bridge; Reduce the amount of manual and cross work and improve the safety of construction; The effect of road bridge construction on the flow of people and traffic is completely alleviated, and the impact of the construction on the existing traffic is reduced. In response to the call of the central government for "beautiful China", the pollution and impact of the environment are minimized. Currently, the construction method has been widely used in Iran, Singapore, Taiwan and other parts of the world.

  In the full understanding of "precast segmental assembling construction method", promulgated by the state council Yang Shuji praised completely in line with the construction methods of "quality development outline of the requirement to the" quality project ", said will be elevated bridge construction in the city of popularization and application. Then Yang Shuji to understand reading of quality engineering, he said "quality project" is defined as "high quality durable, safe and comfortable, economic and environmental protection, social acceptance", is the ministry of transport to promote the transformation of transport infrastructure development, implement the concept of five development and put forward.

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