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Wang lei Ming of our company was awarded the honorary title of "May 1st labor medal"

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  At the end of April, the federation of trade unions of the erqi district held a celebration of the May 1st international labor day awards, recognizing the advanced individuals and units in the district. My company structure workshop riveting welding worker wang lei Ming is awarded the "May 1 labor medal" honorary title of district.

  Employees Wang Leiming are ordinary, in the ordinary post is not earth-shattering "big events", but he is rooted in a line for a long time, obscurity, become "an expert in the field of welding. He is skillful in business, he is good at using his brain, and he can find ways to contribute to the workshop production. He has solved many of the old and difficult problems in the actual work. He is known as the "little inventor" of the company. Under his leading, the rapid growth of young employees for the company's technology backbone, played an important role in technological transformation and production companies, for the innovation and development of the company to provide the support of important people.

  In his body, epitomizes the hardworking spirit of the first-line workers. Adhere to the front line, hard work spirit; The devotion of colleagues and willing to sacrifice oneself for the public; Pursuit of excellence, self-improvement and enterprising spirit; The friendly spirit of unity and cooperation and harmonious development. His advanced deeds further stimulated the company's staff to learn the advanced, the post construction work, the enthusiasm of the officer.

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