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The new generous QLY100 tire moving arm wind crane has been awarded the honorary title of "national key new product"

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  Recently, the new generous news, the company's independently developed QLY100 tire moving arm wind power crane won the honor of "national key new product", its project number is: 2013GRD00016.

  It is understood that the "national key new product" is issued by the ministry of science and technology of the People's Republic of China and is an important part of the scientific and technological industrialization environment construction in the national science and technology planning system. The project aims to promote the development of new products and the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements through policy guidance and support, so as to promote the technological step of enterprises and improve the technological innovation capacity of enterprises. Included in the plan of products, are developed for the first time in nationwide or in similar products in the outstanding performance, and conform to the requirements of the national industrial policy and so on, has wide application future and market background. This award shows that the tire moving arm wind crane products developed by our company has been fully recognized by the state.

  It is reported that "QLY100 tire moving arm wind power crane" is the new generous undertaking of henan province major science and technology special work. It is also a series of products that the company focuses on cultivating and developing. The product conforms to the mountains, hills, tidal flats, plain, such as lifting process of the landscape, solved many type hoisting, multi-mode steering and the short turnarounds, quick disassembling problem, to fill the gaps at home and abroad, its technology has reached the international advanced level, and in 2011 passed the CE certification, getting a passport to the international market. At present, the product has been widely used in domestic wind farms, and the customer is well received!

  Won the honour fully shows the products based on innovation, mature technology, original and leading in the field of wind power installation and overall abundant technical power, reflected in actively promoting production-study-research cooperation on entering a new stage. We firmly believe that the wide application of this product will enhance the overall installation level of China's wind power industry.

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