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  • Girder Launcher: Series Self-propelled Hydraulic Transporter
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Initially researched and developed by NDF independently at home, the DCY series self-propelled hydraulic transporter is a high-tech product integrating

mechanical, electrical and hydraulic. The first self-propelled hydraulic transporter with multi-steering mode and platform elevating has achieved two

national patents (patent No.:ZL01240166.8; ZL03254678.5); and the DCY900 hydraulic self-propelled transporter has been included in the 863 national project

in 2004. By continuous

improvement and perfection for decade, this transporter has been up_graded to 6th generation. The design concept, fabrication, assembly process, test and

inspection on this transporter has been improved greatly and the working performance has also meet the international standards. Over 800 transporters with

the load capacity from 50t to 1000t have been applied in those company in heavy industries such as Orential Heavy Industry, ChinaSWS, CIMC RAFFLES, CNPC

OFFSHORE, CNOOC etc. And the hydraulic transporters have been exported to countries and regions such as Russia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brazil,

Taiwan and Hong Kong. These products are highly acclaimed.


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